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Bitchy Sherlock is my favorite Sherlock.


Things that totally happened on Supernatural, 9x14 - “Captives” (a.k.a. that time I cracked up because POKEMON)


Make Me Choose
badwhoulfbay asked: Hufflepuff or Slytherin

sam & dean + red jackets (2.02)

Elsa’s castle + color by emotion




That awkward moment when you’re interviewing Tom Hiddleston and suddendly he turns over and just stands there…. and you don’t know why

Is he posing for photographers ? Is he looking at someone ? Or is he just lost in his thoughts ?

Moscow Tom, Man of Mystery

The light has seen him








Good job pet store. That is what’s up.

I worked in a pet store for 5 years, and every Easter our rabbit sales went up exponentially. I can tell you from experience that almost half of the rabbits we sold were brought back in as early as two weeks after they were adopted. Some people let them loose, and some people send them to a shelter. People need to understand this very statement, and truly think about it. A rabbit is a big commitment, and should not be a fad or seen as a compulsory pet. 

I cannot like this anymore than once, but I sure as hell hope people will spread this message, because it’s important as hell. I used to hand out care sheet BOOKLETS to everyone looking to adopt, and it prevented many of them from adopting in the end. 

Constantly irritated by people who “free” their rabbits into the wild. No you just made them food.

I really hate it when people treat animals as decorations or inanimate objects and then regret adopting them when they realize they’re actually alive and need caring

I reblog something like this around Easter every year - keep it in mind! Easter is peak time for buying cute, cuddly animals that get discarded as soon as the appeal wears off. All four of my rabbits have been rescued from families that dropped them off in the cul-de-sac after realizing that they didn’t have the time, money, space, or patience to take care of an actual living animal. Adoption is great and bunnies are great, but if you’re going to be treating them like stuffed animals, go with the stuffed animal in the first place.

you can’t even die right